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Who Wants a Hundred Dollar Bill?


Last year I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. He whipped out his wallet and pulled out a One Hundred Dollar bill. Holding it up, he asked,

"Who wants this One Hundred Dollar bill?"

Lots of hands went up, including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people began to shout "Me!" "Me!"

I began to wonder who the lucky one would be who the speaker would choose. And, I also secretly wondered -- and I am sure others did, too -- why he would simply give away a hundred dollars.

As the shouts of "I want it" grew louder, I noticed a young woman running down the aisle. She ran up onto the stage, went up to the speaker, and grabbed the Hundred Dollar bill from his hand.

"Well done, young lady," said the speaker into the microphone.

"Most of us just wait for good things to happen. That's of no use. You've got to make things happen."

The speaker's words have stayed with me ever since.

Our lives are like that. We all see opportunities around us. We all want the good things. But the problem is, we don't take action. We look at it longingly and wonder who will be the lucky one -- instead of making our own luck.

Next time we have an idea -- remember that simply thinking about doing something is of no use. Do something. So next time we see an opportunity -- think of the lady and the One Hundred Dollar bill. Just wanting it is of little use.

Get up, run on stage and grab it. Don't worry about what other people might think. Take action.

Brought to you by Family Abstract, Inc.  Think of us next time you take action!


Good one, Glenn. Just the reminder I needed today. Thanks.


Your Welcome Ron.  I hope you and everyone you love is doing well.

Glen i am a new Graduate, just today and that so true what the speaker said, we always dont go that extra step.Thanks

One of your best!! Made my day too and many more to come. Thanks Glenn.

Absolutely LOVE this one, Glenn!  Thank you for posting it.  I'm afraid, like most folks I think, my reaction was "ok, so how does one go about GETTING that $100 ... ie, waiting for SOMEONE ELSE TO GUIDE THE WAY".  For a basically "out of the box" kind of person, WHAT AN "INSIDE THE BOX" WAY TO THINK!

Looks like it's time to ge our OUT OF THE BOX MOJO BACK!!!!

Thanks to all for posting a comment and taking the time to do so, I appreciate the kind feedback.

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