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Good Morning All,

I thought I would let you know that I have finally written a post on Active Rain about my ACRE® services.  I have been slowly trying to figure out out to put this into my business model and start offering it to my clients.

Anyway here it is.  A Bargain Ain't Always a Bargain-For Sale By Owners in and around San Antonio TX-I Offer You Choices!

Have a great day!

Flat Fee MLS Service


Hi all,

I just ran acros a flat fee MLS service that seems to provide (for a flat fee), something like we are doing and I was wondering at the difference.  They have different packages, but the one I am referring to is their $599 fee that provides everything, to include full service.  The website is .  I read their full service menu and it seems to me, that we, as ACRE's, would provide more personalized service, but I am curious to find out what other's think.  Thanks in advance for any input :).


I am eager to get started using my new found business model but am confused about what forms to use for a FSBO who only wants MLS and negotiation or even a seller who wants limited items.  Given that I will enter something in the MLS (if that is what they want), I only have the form covering the exclusive right to sell.  

I hope the question doesn't seem too silly but any help would be appreciated.  

Thanks, Brenda

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