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Service Proposal for Buyer


Service Proposal - Watt.pdf

I've got a meeting with a potential client that I've taken on short notice. He contacted me after doing an internet search for real estate consultants vs traditional realtors. Basically, he's found a condo that he wants to purchase but wants someone to "aggressively negotiate" the purchase on his behalf. We've talked and he understands how we work, etc.

Attached is a service proposal I put together. It's a rework of Merv's listing proposal. I haven't done one for a buyer yet, and this is somewhat of a unique buyer. (He knows exactly which property he wants) If anyone has a buyer proposal they've used, or see's something I need to add, change or delete please let me know. (I don't have thin skin)

He's interviewing agents, has asked for as much info as I can give him as well as references and contact numbers.

Thanks for any feedback.


Status report for clients


Status Report.pdf

I've heard from several clients that one of the problems they've had in the past was follow up from their agent after the listing was set up. They didn't hear from them very much afterwards. This is a status report I'm using to provide follow up. It's based on what I've used in my previous life at EDS. Merv, you may have something you've used in the past? Feel free to use it if you like.


Mollie and everyone, great call today. As requested, here is my challenge currently with consulting:

Finding the right marketing message and medium to advertise consulting as an alternative to the traditional process.

We've had great success with our "sphere", talking about what we do, the benefits, high level of service offered etc. And a little success with marketing. The clients we've worked with have been extremely satisfied and their testimonials, which we have on our website, show it. It's just getting the message out to the masses. We're different in that we are a 100% consulting model, but we do offer traditional services on occasion. I know some out there are more traditional and trying to work consulting into the mix.

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