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Here is where I am having some difficulty.  I'm trying to figure out if my market will/can support the consulting model.  Based on what I have been reading, it appears that agents who are using this model are able to charge what would be considered a sizable fee here. 

Statistics from the past 30 days are:

8 home sales:  4 sold for less than $45,000; 1 sold for $77,000; 1 sold for $110,000; 1 for $149,900 and the last for $220,000 (which was priced at $45.39 a square foot, it was almost 5000 sq. ft.)

Last week I felt I had the perfect opportunity to use the consulting model.  A gentleman contacted me and had some questions about a property that is for sale about 30 miles from here.  (We are a very large county, but with only 25,000 people so 30 miles is not out of the area for me.)

Anyway, he told me that he had already seen the interior of the property and was interested in writing an offer if my answers were satisfactory to him.  I took that brief pause to explain that the property had a pending contract, so that any offer would be a backup contract.  I answered his questions and he still wanted to write a backup.

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