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The End of 6% and ACRE

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Before I heard of the ACRE accreditation, I did see The End of 6% on Amazon while searching for books on real estate - and quickly dismissed it.  I can honestly tell you that I would have even refused to read it 6 months ago because I would have been offended by the notion that commissions are not the only way to be paid as a Real Estate Agent. 

However, thanks to the ACRE course, I can now practice as an agent with a clear conscience.  Little did I know that the philosophy behind the book and the ACRE program was in line with my own: to ask the client/customer what they want and provide it.  After the initial discomfort of potentially offending other REALTORS and possibly having to find a new brokerage, I think the consultant approach to real estate will actually make me happy.

It is liberating to discover a method for providing real estate services that allows me to be the kind of REALTOR I want to be.  Add to this the legitimacy of an organization of like-minded individuals, and the world is my oyster.

I now look forward to reading Mollie's book.

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