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Last year I was in an audience listening to a motivational speaker. He whipped out his wallet and pulled out a One Hundred Dollar bill. Holding it up, he asked,

I am Your Customer


I am your customer

I am someone that you should appreciate and hope to develop a relationship with

I don’t want to be ‘sold’, I want information

I am not an annoyance, I am someone you should be happy to educate on your business and the things you offer

I am not someone for you to match wits with

I am not someone to lie to, deceive, bait-and-switch, or otherwise treat differently than your own mother

I am your customer

I am six to seven times more expensive to acquire than to retain

I have rights – that should not be the thing that keeps you following the law

I expect to get what I pay for

I don’t forget things as easily as I used to

I am your customer

Great debate on Linked in right now

Will you join the discussion? here is the last entry...

Brian Hickey • Seems like a viable model. Proof again, that there is room for innovation in the transaction - all the way down to compensation. The traditional brokerage engine is big, strong and doesn't appear to be in any mood to evolve. That said, the flow of information, transparency of the business model and just a simple demand for change is right around the corner.

I could use some ACRE help


Lynn Friedman posted a blog on Active Rain that could use some Acre"ish" comments if you'd so desire.  Thanks mollie or your entry! 

Public Relations Web


I have engaged PR Web to do daily press releases regarding Nucazza, Family Abstract and the Home Buying Evolution.  I am inviting ALL ACRES to write a press release regarding anything that shows consulting is working, gaining traction, having successes, etc.  These should be 450 words, minumum.  I will place them on the PR WEB machine so we can all get some benefits.  The ACRE link, your own link and the Nucazza link should be included.  Any questions, hit me up.

A hundred An Acre IS Cheap!


Last week we received a notice from Mollie looking to continue the movement by charging a small fee moving forward.  The industry council was kind enough to omit the industry partners from the fee.  This rubs me a bit like congress and politics, both of which I know are off limits on blogging.  Why would the industry partners, that have the most to gain be given a pass?  I'm not arguing with the perverbial gift horse in my mouth, but my money will be leaving Nucaza and arriving at Acre.  My feeling is that your industry partners are helping to strenghten the ACRE foundations, so please use my hundred to continue to build the real estate foundation for the future. 

PR Web Public Relations

  3 Comments is a copy of the release we are using to gain some traction in our PA marketplace. We are reaching 60,000 impressions per release and we do release 1 per day.

PA Acres needed


Our seminars are staring with CitiBank and we will need Acres to give the buyers too.  They have decided to give thie qualified buyers a credit card with the money neccessary to pay for your services as the limit.  I posted  

Nucazza Needs You! You should get paid as part of the process AND part of the sale.

on the grad exchange and acive rain. I could use "some love" on Active Rain at

Thanks in advance

Don't Catch the Status Quo, Invent the Status Quo

It was a little over 3 years ago when I took Family Abstract, a title insurance company located in Horsham Pa, that, along with my partner, is entering its tenth year, and did something we never did before.  As an initiator, I decided to embark on a new business model, I thought, "I have an idea, I'm going to start working on it tomorrow, I think it's going to work!

This PR piece was distributed nationwide.  We had over 30,000 impressions so far on yesterdays PR Blast.  We will be needing more ACRES in PA!

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