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Making Billing Easy

For those that are making this new consulting method work for them, if you're like me, the issue of billing brings questions related to making it easy on myself while still serving my clients. I have long been a very happy user of PayPal for Business. I use the debit/credit card for 1% off on all purchases and the ability to create custom invoices that I email to clients. They can just click a button or link in the email and pay via PayPal or any credit card. PayPal charges a 2.9% fee on each transaction, and to some that seems high. However, there are no machine costs or any other costs associated with it. Coupling that with the 1% cashback credit card, and I'm saving money over my previous credit card merchant account. Their reporting is excellent for accounting also. The system will even allow you to send reminders when payments are past due.

Recently, in conjunction with my ACRE™ certification, I found Billing Orchard. I still use the PayPal account through BO, but get a lot more customization ability for invoices and setting up individual items for my different hourly rates or package pricing. BO keeps track of my clients, allows emailing to the group, sends past due reminders and other functions that are well worth the cost. The look of the invoices is customizable and more professional than the PayPal invoices.

Just thought I'd throw these out for those looking for easy billing options that are customer friendly.

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