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Second Consult
The prospect is a senior (still working) who is moving from Sunny SC back to his roots in snowy rockford Illonios. He was a FSBO I approached 4 months ago, gave him a free virtual tour and one page web site.

gather data om actives and solds and FSBO's and market conditions.
printed off tallies on web hits to his virtual tour and one.
printed off tallies for my tours, hits.\
printed off a diagram of teh entire home sell process
used three pags from my listing presntation-Price, Timing, How Homes Are Sold--These I would use to get his attention.
prepared a Consultants Worksheet for gathering data from client
developed a powerpoint to cover the consulting model vs conventional real estate model

Friday, I had my first consulting call. Just want to share a bit. I left my laptop in the car and brought with me a pad and my "listing book"--just for reference. (refered to it with regard to pricing and timing) I did use Mollies Seller Needs Analysis.Client is a tech writer who had a car accident which affects her ability to work and her income. I suggested alternatives to her in that area--sometimes, consulting goes beyond the pale of real estate--

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