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As this year comes to a close, I would just like to share with the rest of the ACRE members, my feelings and thoughts for the coming year.

"A Mind, Is A Terrible Thing To Waste"...and so is our Body!

I'm sure some of you remember the old TV College Ad..."a mind, is a terrible thing to waste", don't you? Yes, and that Ad should have prompted ALL of us to improve our education, daily. Did we do it? I'm sure some of us did. However, what about our body? Isn't our body, "a terrible thing to waste" too? As much as we need to improve our minds with the proper education, we certainly need to improve our bodies too, if we are to enjoy fully, the financial rewards of being an ACRE.

ACREs need local support groups!


Why do people become Realtors? Would most of you agree, that the prime reason is to "make money" ? Yes, I know there are other reasons too, like "I want to help people" or "I get to be my own boss". Oh sure, there are many other reasons. So then, what kind of money does the average Realtor make? Are most Realtors today, in the "RED", just making ends meet, or truly in the "BLACK", financially speaking?

TRUE OR FALSE...Do Agents really "SELL" Buyers?


Automobile salespeople "SELL" car buyers. Insurance salespeople "SELL" insurance buyers. Sockbrokers "SELL" stocks to stock buyers. Do real estate agents really "SELL" homes to homebuyers? No! Real Estate Agents don't "persuade", influence, or convince homebuyers to "Buy" anything. Agents only use their knowledge, experience, and judgment (fiduciary) to price the home correctly for the Sellers. Then, the Buyers themselves, decide which home they like best, and THEY (the Buyers) make an offer.

All "ACREs" should have a copy of "The End of 6%


Mollie, I presume, that when you thought about writing the book, "The End of 6%", you were obviously thinking mainly of the general public, is that correct? Of course, you hoped the ACRE members would benefit from it too. It would sure be great, if you could put together an e-book version of the book and offer it to us, at a reasonable discount. Better yet, perhaps you could have available, one chapter of the book each month, available JUST for the ACRE members? That would be great Mollie!

Since we ALL (ACREs) believe that the "ACRE way" is the best way to serve our real estate consumers, why aren't the "traditional brokerage companies" jumping in and joining us, yet?

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