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I have been working on an office procedural process for hourly fee/fee-for-service transactions…  As always, I tend to over think it and wonder how I facilitate transactions once other brokers in our office become ACRES.  Granted we have procedures for processing paperwork for the traditional model, but besides state and local fees, does anyone have a suggestion on how the brokerage itself should charge brokers for facilitating hourly fees/fee-for-service transactions….  I am not asking for a specific number, just a general idea of what other office owners are doing… 

I am a huge fan of Go Daddy and wonder has anyone used them to develop a website which implements an online calculator to compute a client’s fees then offers PayPal or Google Checkout to process these transactions?  ACRE has a great website members can purchase as an individual broker but does ACRE have advice  for online facilitation for hourly fee/fee-for-service models? 

 I will call Go Daddy tomorrow and see what suggestions they have for a storefront application…  I think traditional banks would be too expensive for their storefront applications…  

I feel fairly comfortable with my specific fee schedule but uneasy when it comes to brokerage procedures when processing transactions for our brokers who will soon be ACREs.

I gave IE9 the boot...  Too much trouble!!


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