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Hi All,

I wanted to let the group know that I had a meeting today with a lady in my neighborhood who has been working with "Buy Owner" for the past YEAR (yes, since December 05), and needless to say, this lady's about ready to list her home.

Anyway, the meeting went well, I had done some research on the neighborhood and neighboring pendings and solds as well. I also very hastily prepared a schedule of services and what the associated costs of each were and also bundled packages. But I didn't really show her any of that stuff, I just mainly went through the exercise for my benefit. I told her that I'd recently been certified as an Accredited Consultant in Real Estate, and that I work differently than 99% of the agents out there, because unlike them, I can offer her choices to fit her individual situation. I briefly explained that there are a whole litany of services that we as agents provide, and that we could sit down and talk about which ones she might feel comfortable doing, and which ones she would want me to handle. I also explained that each task had an associated cost, and that I also had bundled services into packages that we could talk about too.

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