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Listing Presentation


Hi all,

I am redoing my listing presentation and wondered if anyone had any ACRE® power point slides they might like to share?  I strongly believe that having the visual included in the presentation is a necessary step.


Laurie Furem

Hi all,

I would love to hear any suggestions that you may have for prospecting to expired listings using the consulting model. Kim Loredo and I are currently doing the "expired game" and really want to connect the dots. Any thoughts on scripts or mailers? We are thinking of "re-vamping" the FSBO postcards which are great to fit expireds. The challenge here is that expired listings tend to re-list much more quickly so I am looking for a marketing piece that I can either mail or leave at the door.

Hi gang, I'm wondering how many of you have your fee schedule on your website?

The "Expired Game" starts today and I am trying to develop a "mini-plan" which will include drive-bys. I want to leave something of value and also drive them to my website. I have the personalized ACRE pages and am thinking about posting the fee schedule.

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