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All comments would be greatly appreciated! I have been role playing and feel very comfortable with all discussions with potential clients regarding a consultant interactions with; a homeowner who is not considering selling; one who is considering selling; the FSBO; but I am having an extremely tough time with a buyer. The analogy of the boss giving a specific task to one employee versus a number of employees is excellent and easily understood. The discussion regarding a potential buyer who is not sure wheather they really wish to buy also makes sense. My difficulty (potential mental block) is explaining the advantages of using an accredited consultant for the buyer and explaining how or why a fee(not absolutely necessary but again a potential of working for nothing) is advantageous to them when in reality on paper(assuming my potential competition practices fiduciary counsel earnestly) it appears no different than a Buyer Agency Agreement willingly accept by thousands of agents; but with costs!.

What am I missing?. Please comment!

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