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Jim and I had a meeting this afternoon with 2 agents within our company explaining ACRE® and why we have become involved etc.

Question one of them had was if one have to be a licensed realtor to become a member of ACRE® ? I thought this was a good question because no doubt as consulting takes off there will be other companies surface with similar programs.

Communication: First experience!


First experience & first entry:

We live in a University Community where, at this time of year, phone calls from students (and parents) looking for places to rent occur. I received such a call from a parent who lives 6 hours away asking for help with his son in locating a rental . We normally don't do this type of business and attempted to convert this situation to a purchase. In the hopes of doing so, I agreed to make enquiries for possible rentals. After a long distance 20 minute phone call and several emails providing invaluable knowledge on properties, market rents, location etc, I was informed that, in addition to his son, he had 3 friends to room with as well (important info to know). Their expectations were unrealistic and It finaly came to light the boys were looking by themselves and I was only communicating with a concerned parent about the possible living conditions his son would be faced with.

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