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I recently got an email from a long time friend who I helped sell their house, as well as buy another.  Her mother owns some property and wants my help selling it, only problem is

ACRE's are Peacocks!


As all of you know, I'm an avid lover of the Simple Truths program. I recently watched this video and I think it would be worth 3 minutes of your time to watch as well. It is the story of ACRE and real estate, it is Mollie's story about consulting. I'm wondering if we can get permission to put this up on The Consulting Times, and our web sites. It would make a consumer "get it" as well as help in recruiting other ACRE's.

I often get more "out of area" emails more so than local, and have diligently been trying to come up with a "consulting" response for these people.

Since I'm between web sites, and other life altering events, can anyone help with a response back to someone like this? It is also difficult to deal
with Merv's SmartPlan when I can't meet them face to face.

Here is the email I received, thoughts anyone?

Lead Generation

I have been having a lot of success by posting to Trulia Q&A... For those of you who are not familiar with this, the consulting works MAGIC!

Here is the latest reply to someone I made a comment to:

Hi Paula,

I had your response on Trulia on my question in regards to investment in Clearwater, I do appreciate your questions and I am sure that you will not tell me what I do like to hear
Since I see that you are charging for your service I would like to know how much you are charging before I can speak with you.
I do appreciate your response.

You can respond to my E-mail or call me.
Best Regards

I got an email today from my web site...initially it irritated me, but after reading it several times, I realized this person has no idea that the don't know what they don't know.

I haven't responded back as of yet, still trying to figure out what to say without sounding like a female dog ;-)

I thought I'd through this out to the group and get some Q&A of what your feedback would be. I know what I'm going to say to this woman, but wonder what you would say if you got this sort of email?

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