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I have for several years now used a consulting approach with my clients, who are mostly referrals.  For sellers, I utilize Merv’s SmartSeller Plan in listing appointments.  First, we review which services will fit the needs of the seller and the property.  If it is a traditional sale, usually the sellers choose the shared risk plan or traditional commission for payment.  If it is a short sale, they pick the traditional commission plan.  I haven’t had any sellers choose to pay for services by the hour yet.  With buyers, I have gone through the SmartBuyer plan and use it in showing the value that I will bring to clients when working with them; however, I had not offered a choice in payment for buyers until recently.  I want to share my experience with two different buyers and the choice of being paid by the hour.

ACRE wants to help us succeed! Anyone interested in participating in a Virtual Mastermind Group of ACRE Brokers, please chime in and/or contact me directly.

Some topics of discussion include:
Where are you with using the ACRE model?
What have been your successes?
What have been your failures?
What are drivers for your success?
What are the barriers that prevent you from success in using the ACRE model in your brokerage?
How do you structure compensation?
Sharing of best practices....and other topics that the group would like to focus on.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating, some time blocks of when you would be available for conference calls and how frequently you want to hold calls (once a week, 2x/month, once/month,once/quarter).

Once we understand the interest level, Ron Stuart and I will coordinate and post details. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,

Stacy Erickson (ACRE Broker Liaison)
Halcyon Realty Group
Mesa, AZ

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