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My business is 99% referral. I got a phone call yesterday from a terrific client, that I have sold three houses to and who has referred at least one client to me in the past couple years. They asked me to do a broker's opinion on their house as the county recently purchased a portion of their land and now their lender is coming back asking what that purchase has done to the value of their property.

To do a broker opinion, will take me anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour of my time. At what point do you start your consulting business--charinging clients--with past clients that have been loyal and who are used to you giving away your time and knowledge? Or do you offer past, loyal clients, so many hours of your time and experience at no cost, over the course of a year or two before you start charging them? Or do you never charge them? Or do you set up an account and for every referral they give you, do you give them so many hours of free consulting? Now I'm rambling . Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

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