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Fees vs Commission


I don't recall reading how to address the situation or question of reverting back to fee base pay after an agreement has been made to pay the commission and you have gone all the way to the day of closing and the client thinks or knows that they made an error in there decision to go commission as compensation.I would think that if that commission agreement has been made there is no turning back. I understand that the fee based agreement can be applied to commission.Thank You. 

Hi Everyone,I am jumping right into this,One week Old. I have a client who has used Help You Sell in the past. Obviously he wasnt happy because he now is working with a Realtor and I have worked on 3 transactions with him in the last 9 months.  But have had to drop a half a point on the sellers side each time. That being said he is interested in my consulting as a way to save money. He use the HelpYou Sell model as a comparison and if you read there service description it sounds similiar. Help me with the difference for you who have that experience. Thank you 

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