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Here is the 3rd installment of Dan Kennedy's Renegade Millionaire video. This video is testimonials from clients.

Okay guys, here is the second installment of the video on Attraction Marketing wiht Dan Kennedy.

If you didn't view the first video, not to worry because this video should really speak to each real estate professional. Here is why. Mr. Kennedy states, "Stop focusing on selling stuff for income, instead on getting customers to build equity"

This statement applies to our industry in so many different ways. Remember to take notes as Dan asks--Trust me this video alone maybe your business's savior.

Quick question, can anyone tell me what is our industry's fence and what happened to that fence?

Well here is the link.


I thought a little break from the industry specific debate was in order. Dan Kennedy, for those of you who are not fimilar with him is a GAINT when it comes to marketing. 

How are you attracting customers? What tools are you using to fill your pipeline?

This link should take you to his introductory video. 

This free video is filled with alot of good information.

Owning the Financial Crisis


Will the real culprit please stand up!

Here are a few links on the financial crisis that maybe of interest to the group.



I would highly recommend everyone to take a look at these links, at least the robo-signing article.

This the title of an article from the Wall Street Journal Online. It went on to say that homes listed for sale are down 4.8% from October and 21.3% from a year ago, which right now represents 2.01 million homes.

Back in October that number was 2.1 million, if my math is correct. I believe I posted a similar comment from an article with the 2.1 million figure. But none the less, my question to the real estate professional is, "What does that mean for us? I'd like to know what everyone thinks.

Hey! Guys,

I found this great new survey tool called PopSurvey. This is a free survey tool for a single user and only 100 participants a month for a survey. There are other options if your need is greater--for a cost, but for simple surveys it may be a great choice. 

I also have a survey for ACRE members. I am limited to 100 responses. Here is the link, 

Let me know what you think? Useful or not?

Thank you,

William Watkins

Today my wife emailed me her booklist that she receives from her employer. It was a relatively long list, mostly on management. But I found the book that I'm sure she wanted me to take notice of--the title of the the book is "Provoke" by Linda Bernardi.

What I would like to do is share the description of the book as laid out by 

Please I'm copying and pasteing, so if it does come through properly just go to Amazon and do a search for the book and read the description. While reading the description think about real estate and its' future.

Also I'm putting all of ACRE on notice that I will challenge conventional real estate wisdom going forward. I truly want to find the Innovators. I just ask everyone to keep and open mind and check all egos at the door. This will allow all of us to see things more clearly.

Thank you

Brainstorm session


What a great webinar Mollie! I just wish more had participated. With 407 ACRE members we have to show up for us. If we are not showing up for each other what are we really doing out in the field! Again Mollie, Thank you!


Billy Watkins

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