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Hi, if you are doing short sales and have questions or want any information on short sale, visit  This is a very good site. You can post your questions on this site and they will be answered.

Good Luck and let me know how things turn out.


Ismael Jusino, CIPS, ACRE
Absolute Homes Realty, LLC

Is anyone actively doing short sale negotiations for clients? How are you making money? Are you negotiating a commission or a fee as part of the deal with the bank?? I had a call yesterday that prompts me to figure this out quickly in case she decides to go this route. The home owner doesn't have much money to pay for anything. Anyone know how attorneys who do this get paid?

Thanks, Melinda


We just had a question from an agent who's been working with short sales and wondering how the ACRE consulting model might (or might not) fit in.  Below is his question ... and my response. We encourage YOU to take part in this discussion ... what are your thoughts, concerns, and experiences when dealing with short sales, and do you apply the same or similar options with them as you would with the "normal" transaction.


I handle alot of short sales and have a question for you. When doing a short sale you cannnot charge a fee for you "extra" services. Not only is it illegal, it is unethical in my opinion.  However, within the ACRE program I am wondering if you/me/we or someonewere to get a license with DFI, would that make it legal and ethical??

Has anyone thought about helping people who MAY be facing foreclosure? This seems to me to be an ideal application for consulting. I have read in the Washington Post that 50% of the people going into foreclosure failed to contact their mortgage company. As a consultant we could offer to negotiate with the mortgage holder to lower payment or go interest only for a short period or other terms that would be in the home owners best interest. I would be interested in any comments.

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