SmartPlan.jpgHere is important information on the SmartPlan™ cost, licensing, coaching and payment:

COST: The SmartPlan™ templates are free. You only pay for two hours of consultation on how they are built and how to use them with clients. A single purchase is $350 for individual one-on-one coaching. You CAN "buddy up" with one or more agents and the cost is $200 each. The coaching will be done simultaneously with all "buddy" participants via a conference call.

LICENSE: The SmartPlan™ license is for one user. The templates are proprietary and confidential to protect both the end user (you) and me. The templates cannot be copied, shared or distributed in any form to third parties without my written permission. And, under no circumstances can the templates be displayed in public in any form including Websites. A printed (and signed) copy of the SmartPlan™ you created for a client CAN and MUST be given to clients that engage in a listing or buying agreement since the resulting fee plan becomes part of the agreement. Listing and buying agreements are confidential so we are protected. Clients should be reminded that the agreement and SmartPlan™ you created for them is confidential. A copy of any plan you create must NOT be given to clients without an executed agreement. License.pdf

IMPORTANT: COACHING is no longer being offered. The templates are free. Email me to request access.

COACHING: I believe it is imperative that I personally provide the coaching for several reasons.

  • I need to understand how you work to best advise you on how to use them,
  • I need to understand your market to advise you on hourly rates,
  • Not all jurisdictions are the same and it is important for me to understand your unique requirements, and
  • I cannot get a sense of your proficiency and understanding without having the personal contact.

It is important that I know you have grasped the concepts and can use them appropriately. Hence, no canned instruction. Also, buying only a portion of the coaching is not permissible. It DOES take the full two hours to adequately cover the important concepts on how they are built and how to use them with clients.

GUIDELINES: It is a very intense 2 hour consultation. There will be many questions. So, my experience is that three (3) participants is the practical maximum. More than that diminishes the effectiveness of the conference for all participants.

Also, it is extremely important that participants know their way around Excel spreadsheets and workbooks from a basic understanding and navigation. It's OK if you don't but I can only take you solo (no buddy). It is the only way to be fair to you (you will require personal attention) and not hold back other participants.

The SmartPlan is MS Excel based so you will need Microsoft Excel (Office 2003 or greater) on your computers.

PAYMENT: I only accept payment via credit card by using a PayPal business interface. You do not need to be a PayPal member to use this service. Note: There will be a $10 processing fee added to the price to cover my out of pocket cost and additional administrative handling. I no longer accept checks.

For more information or to request this service contact me at: or ...
call 703-431-2145

Note: I am traveling North America I never know what time zone I will be in.

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