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Searchable ACRE is Here! 

Searchable ACRE is a cleaned-up, more-organized version of the ACRE Exchange Archive from the original ACRE website, containing 6 years of discussion, opinions and dialogue about real estate consulting. Searchable ACRE allows you to search the archive using a variety of search tools, thus making it much easier to actually FIND what you seek!  

Available only to registered ACRE graduates. Your browser needs to allow "Pop-Ups" for our site.


Note: The Searchable ACRE will open a new window and is considered by browsers to be a "pop-up." You can safely enable "pop-ups" for our site. Internet Explorer and Firefox will alert you. Google Chrome will not.

The Google Chrome browser requires a setting change in Options:

  • Click on the wrench in the upper right
  • Select Options
  • Select Under the hood
  • Select "Content Settings" on Privacy
  • Select desired "Pop Up" setting.
  • Refresh the Exchange Archive page

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