SWS Bookstore Discounts

As a member of the ACRE community, you are entitled to a standing 10% discount off any product or service in the SWS Bookstore (SWS is ACRE's parent company). The SWS bookstore offers a wide variety of books and training products specifically for real estate professionals who take their careers seriously... and intend to be the best real estate professionals they know. 

If you're looking for old school scripts, cheesy dialogues, manipulative closing techniques or other "traditional" real estate training material, the SWS Bookstore will sorely disappoint. But if you're looking for help and guidance toward being a competent, even exceptional real estate agent... one who EARNS the respect, support and yes, the business of his or her sphere of influence... you'll feel right at home. 

Just visit the SWS Bookstore here: www.SWSStore.com and use Coupon Code ACRE-10 when you check out to see 10% come off your entire purchase.  Happy Shopping!

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